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You are here because you care about your health!

Mountain Rescue Nutrients is a small company in the central mountains of Colorado. We love the healthy lifestyle and are very lucky to be where it is all around us. MRN started it’s journey pioneering the first organic, plant based, synthetic-free B Complex Multi on the market. We now produce products who's ingredients are USDA Certified Organic, plant-based and synthetic free.

Only the Finest Plant-Based, Organic and Naturally Occurring Ingredients Included!

We produce vitamins and minerals that are naturally occurring, organic from plant concentrations. Absolutely no synthetic isolated vitamins (man made in a laboratory) will ever be used. No chemicals are used in the concentration process but only a warm water (under 110 degrees) concentration method. When plants are subjected to heat over 110 degrees crucial nutrients, enzymes and phytonutrients are damaged or destroyed. During the month long concentration process, our supplier follows the strict guidelines of the National Program of Organic Production (NPOP) and is USDA Organic certified. We test our raw material every step of the way but also have the ingredients tested by a 3rd party lab.

Our Vitamins will never contain Synthetics, Chemical Binders or Fillers

We will never use chemical or inorganic binders. We produce our nutrients in small batches to assure the perfect blend. Our vitamins come with the complete matrix of naturally occurring cofactors and compounds that are derived from the plant source. We believe your body will recognize these nutrients more readily significantly reducing any possible stomach irritation and increasing the bioavailability (absorption and use by the body).

What are Naturally Occurring Vitamins and Minerals?

Our Organically grown plants contain vitamins and minerals naturally. We concentrate the vitamins and minerals in a small batch with a warm water bath.
Unlike synthetic vitamins, our naturally occurring vitamins and minerals include the natural cofactors, not found in synthetics, such as enzymes, phytonutrients including polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids, tocotrienols and myconutrients (found in mushrooms). The cofactors themselves have been determined to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and many healthy effects of their own. The cofactors also allow your body to recognize the vitamins and minerals which supports superior absorption and utilization.

Small Batches, Time and Testing for Purity

We take the raw extract/concentration and test it thoroughly for any harmful impurities or bacteria. We also test to confirm the nutrient content of the concentration. Once the small batch blending is finished we then use high compression to form our tablets. We only use a small amount of organic non-GMO cornstarch and gum Acacia as a binder never any chemical or inorganic binder. We rely on the high compression to hold our tablet together.

Dark Cloud over Synthetics

Since the 40s the importance of Naturally Occurring Vitamins has been known. In our Healthy Learning section we will explore the differences between 100% True Natural Nutrients and synthetics. We will also present you with information, from us and other sites and references that will help you with healthy living. We want to help you cut through the BS in the vitamin world.

Always Striving for Knowledge

Mountain Rescue Nutrients' founder, Steve (Oly) Olson, has been studying vitamins and nutrients for many years. From the time that he lost his hair to alopecia (an autoimmune disorder) his studies have intensified trying to understand how the body's need for the many nutrients affect health's foundation. Oly believes that Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Enzymes are building blocks and play a very important role in every aspect of the health of our bodies. When these building blocks become depleted, because of our environment or our activities, he believes it can lead to the detriment of our overall health. MRN strives to find reasons why these building blocks become depleted and what is the best way to resupply them.

Steve (Oly) Olson Founder and Managing Partner
Certified Nutrition Coach
Oly formed a relationship with a PHD/advisor who has been studying the ingredients and production of Naturally Occurring Nutrients for over 20 years. He helped MRN determine the best plants that contain the highest concentration of a specific nutrient that we then use in our product.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to gain your trust and we will work hard to get it! When you see our logo we want you to know that you can trust that you are getting the best! We will continue to add more, 100% True Natural products. If you are not 100% satisfied email us at [email protected] and we will make arrangements to return the unused product and we will send you a check for the full purchase price.

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