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Synthetic Vitamins, Why Risk Your Health?

As I have mentioned before the only good thing to come from the pandemic is the change in the general public’s awareness of their health and how important it is to take care of it! As people, with all good intentions, shop for vitamins to promote good health, little do they know that 98% of the products on the shelves or on-line are synthetic, lab made.

I have also mentioned that you must maintain a strong immune system or no matter how many vaccines or boosters you take they will not keep you safe. It is your responsibility to keep healthy so your immune system can do it’s amazing work.

Maintaining your health is a challenge! Exercise, hydration and feeding your body the nutrients it needs are the foundation for good health. Staying away from the things that can harm this foundation is also key.

Feed Your Body What it Needs

Organic non-GMO food is so important. Yes GMO has been around for eons but not for the same reasons as it is used today. Genetic engineering (GE) is now used so that the plant can handle more pesticide. Those pesticides are harmful to us and to microorganisms, worms and nutrients found in the soil. And what about bees and butterflies that help pollinate, they are being harmed also. You can’t grow nutritious plants from dead soil and you surly can’t grow plants without pollination. Guess who produces many GMO seeds? The same company that makes the pesticides, wow that’s a coincidence! If you don’t think that the pesticides are getting into your body when you eat GMO food, think again!

Synthetic Vitamins are Not Natural

Humans do not make anything as well as nature, nature knows best. Scientists screw things up for the sake of a buck, not caring if it’s good for you or not, as long as it’s cheaper to produce. That goes for vitamins as well. Synthetic vitamins are made in a lab, mostly in China because the process of making synthetics produces pollutants not allowed by the EPA here in the U.S.. They are cheap to make so the marketing companies (“vitamin companies”) can buy them cheap and make a killing.

Let’s hit some points on why synthetic vitamins are on shaky ground at best and could actually be harmful to you in the long run.

Remember anything marketed as “natural”, uses the word on the label, only has to be 10% natural ingredients, the other 90% can be synthetic or whatever.

Toxic Materials used to synthesize the molecule of a fake vitamin:

Coal tar- a known carcinogen also found in cigarettes. Used to make B1

Ammonia- Just in the air can cause blindness, lung damage and even death.

Formaldehyde- a highly toxic synthetic poison, possible carcinogen and can cause corrosive damage to gastrointestinal mucosa.

Trimethylhydroquinone- Harmful to the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Dangerous for the environment, very toxic to aquatic organisms and should not be released into the environment. Used to make synthetic vitamin E.

Isobutyraldehyde- A lung and skin irritant, highly flammable. Used in combination with formaldehyde in the production of synthetic B5

Methanol- Poisonous for human consumption and can effect central nervous system, cardiovascular and respiratory system. Used to make synthetic vitamin A

Benzene- Can affect cell function, reduced red blood cell production, damage the immune system and antibodies levels.

Cyanide- is a poison that blocks cells from getting oxygen. Long term, low dose exposure can cause problems with lung, heart and thyroid function.

Cow liver- mostly used as a source for B-12. The liver removes toxins from the blood so those toxins most likely end up in the vitamins. I’m sure most don’t use organic cow livers so who knows what pesticides are in the synthetic vitamin.

Nicotinic acid- is a pyridinemonocarboxylic acid and considered to be a drug. This is why synthetic B3 causes flushing, an uncomfortable tingling and redness of the skin

Most of Synthetic Vitamin Ingredients Come from the Same Companies

Most of the vitamin companies are marketing companies, they have nothing to do with the production or ingredients and could care less for your safety or health, it’s all about the buck. The majority of synthetic ingredients are made by a group of maybe 15 companies and most of them are from China, I think we have learned not to trust what comes from that country. So you may see one company with a label touting how great their product is while the bottle right next to it on the shelf has the same ingredients produced by the same company but is also saying how great they are. It’s all marketing BS!

Another odd occurrence, so many of the well known brands are being bought up by big pharma and other major companies! Doesn’t that sound a bit counterintuitive? Why would pharma companies buy companies that produce something that would keep people from getting sick? Wouldn’t that reduce their sales of pharmaceuticals or do they know something that the public doesn’t?

What is Chiral? Why can it be Dangerous?

Now when the producers of these synthetic fake vitamins crank out their product they have no control of the form of the molecular structure. There are two forms called enantiomers, one that is found in nature and a mirror image of that form (chiral). The mirror form of the vitamin can have antagonistic effects on your health, at the least your body just expels it as a worthless chemical toxin.

To understand the differences between chiral molecules here are examples, the first being non-toxic. Limonene is found in citrus peels and has two chiral enantiomers in nature. One enantiomer makes the peel smell and look like an orange and the mirror image molecule makes it smell and look like a lemon. That’s a pretty amazing difference.

Unfortunately another example of a mirror image (chiral) was found to be very toxic and very tragic. A pharma company back in the 50’s produced a drug called Thalidomide and was used as an effective sedative but then was prescribed to pregnant women for morning sickness with disastrous results of terrible infant birth defects. It was found that the drug molecule had a toxic chiral enantiomer and when the drug was produced it was included in the mix.

So my point here is that when synthetic vitamins are produced they will have the chiral enantiomer included, could be in the majority or in the minority but who knows. What effect does that chiral enantiomer have on your body and could it be causing long-term damage? Why subject yourself to that risk?

Another problem, synthetic vitamin molecules are in a crystalline form. Crystalline formation is not found in nature and could possibly cause harm to your vascular system and possible mineral build up in joints. Another problem, why would you risk it?

Do Synthetic Vitamins Make it into Your Cells?

Your digestive tract absorbs nutrients mainly in your small intestines. Most synthetic vitamins have coatings on them to make them easy to swallow, only the problem with that is your stomach acid might not break down that coating. If it doesn’t the tablet goes right on through out you hind end without being absorbed at all.

Your small intestine wall is the first line of defense and the first filter prior to nutrients entering your bloodstream. If your intestine wall is healthy it can filter and reject toxins that come along with your food. If your intestine is not perfectly healthy it can allow toxins, including synthetic vitamins (chiral enantiomers), to slip through and into the vascular system.

Next up is the liver where it’s filter system scrutinizes what has made it into the blood. It filters most toxins, including synthetic vitamins but still some of the synthetic vitamins get through on their way to the cells that require the nutrients. The liver can have problems with a toxic buildup because of the difficulty to process certain synthetics, especially B-6.

The final line of defense as well as where true nutrients cross the barrier, are the cell walls called the Plasma membrane. It’s a double-layered wall that protects from toxins and only lets specific nutrients in through a process called endocytosis. The receptors at the membrane are very specific and won’t let toxins in like a synthetic chiral (mirror image) of a vitamin molecule. It is also questionable whether these receptors will allow a crystalline form of the vitamin molecule, synthetic not found in nature, to get through.

So if the synthetic vitamin is not crossing the cell wall barrier, what good is it doing and what harm could it be causing?

I Can Get Higher Potency With Synthetics?

Is higher potency better? Could the higher potency of synthetic fake vitamins be causing havoc to your body? So, when you take a synthetic vitamin we have discussed the problems that are of concern, now you multiply those concerns with mega high doses and you can expect the problems to be greater.

Mega doses of ascorbic acid (fake vitamin C) can throw your body out of homeostasis into a low ph (acidic) environment. A state of balance is important to all body functions. Possible side effects could be drowsiness, lethargy, loss of sharpness because of the disruption of an enzyme that is ph dependent. With this disruption the brain is unable to utilize glucose, needed for normal function. When an acidic environment is created by mega doses of ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C) your kidney is overworked trying to remove the acidity.

A study showed that if the correct enantiomer of ascorbic acid (the shell of the true vitamin) makes it past the cell membrane and in the case of an athlete it can adversely affect the mitochondria (power house of the cell) by disrupting the “biogenesis and antioxidant capacity in the cell”. This can affect performance and endurance.

So, when a doctor suggests mega doses of ascorbic acid it might work to fight a pathogen but not because of the actions of the vitamin but because of the creation of an acidic environment. What you must consider are the consequences of the side effects and the possible damage to your body.

The synthetic B vitamins are also suspect of antagonistic actions that might be causing more harm than good. For instance synthetic B6 in high doses can actually produce symptoms of a B6 deficiency, which can cause a person to take more producing a toxic build-up in the liver. Normally the liver converts the food sourced vitamin into pyridoxal-5’-phosphate. The majority of the synthetic form is not converted thus expelled through the urine or worst case causing toxic build-up.

Why The Risk?

A hollow shell of a true vitamin, synthetics lack all of the powerful phytonutrients, enzymes and many cofactors that not only make the vitamin work but possess it’s own magnificent powers of health. Because of this the body depletes it’s own resources trying to make the shell viable and after a short while, by draining the needed co-factors, becomes a detriment not a benefit.

You may hear from these synthetic marketing companies that their products make it into the blood plasma or blood serum. Don’t be fooled this is just the fluid that is everything but the cells in your blood. It surrounds cells but is outside of the cells. The fake vitamin has made it this far but has yet to cross the cell barrier into the cell where it will benefit your body. The cell membrane discriminates good from bad, a chiral enantiomer (synthetic vitamin) is bad and will be stopped from entering the cell.

Do the ingredients listed above that are used to make synthetic vitamins get into the final product and into your body? The majority of the synthetics are made in China, can you trust products coming from that country? Can you trust the toxic procedure, that isn’t even allowed in the U.S., to rid the product of the toxins that could harm your body? Why the risk?

Synthetic vitamins are synonymous with GMO foods. They are sketchy at best or could cause irreparable harm. Dump synthetic vitamins and minerals!

There are a few companies out there that truly care about your health and produce plant sourced, naturally occurring vitamins. These companies will let you know on their label because we are a proud group and sacrifice the huge profits.

Mountain Rescue Nutrients would be honored to help with your health. If you don’t choose us please choose another company that produces Organic, plant-sourced, synthetic free vitamins!

Don’t Risk Your Health to the Uncertainty of Synthetic Vitamins! TM



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