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This is Mountain Rescue Nutrients' Mascot YOGI. He is a 120 lb Lab Mix always on the prowl for Fun. Check In on His Antics
I will be adding more pictures of my outings as they happen
Thanks, Yogi
RIP Big Boy!

Beautiful Creek side view!

Hiking in the woods!! It's been snowing hard!

Cooling off in my favorite spot!

Rough weekend at the lake!! Resting in the boathouse!

Come on throw the ball!!!

Yeah, creek time!!

River is rising! This is my buddy Ed, he's crazy fun!!

SPRING ROLL! Snow is going away fast! Got to take advantage when I find some!! Bring on the summer

oops followed an errant ball over a hill and my dad had to come down and save me! It was deep

Ready for some turns!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Wanted to introduce you to my family. From left Gramma Sadie, My Mom Powder, Me (younger days) and Uncle Vinnie

Powder Day!!