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WARNING: B7 (Biotin) can cause skewed thyroid blood-work numbers

Went in for my yearly physical this week that I haven’t been in for for almost 3 years, covid delay! 3 years ago there was an unusual count with my thyroid numbers. This was weird, I didn’t have any symptoms of thyroid problems. I reluctantly filled the thyroid hormone treatment prescription and started taking it but stopped. I do not like taking a synthetic hormone when I don’t think I need to. In no way am I suggesting that anyone stop taking any medication without talking with your doctor.

Well this time prior to going in for the blood draw I was told not to take B7 (biotin) for a week prior. Hmmm what was this new warning? I stopped taking my Mountain Rescue Nutrients’ multiple two full days before having my blood drawn. The results were all normal! I was psyched about that!!

The problem stems from an interference that Biotin causes with components of the analytical process and therefor skewing the results. Biotin does not cause an actual fluctuation of your thyroid hormones T3, T4 or your TSH (Thyroid specific hormone) but only can change the test results.

After having your blood drawn continue taking biotin whether prescribed by a caretaker or taking your daily multiple, preferably Mountain Rescue Nutrients’ organic plant-sourced non synthetic multiple.

Biotin is involved in supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails. It’s involved in the formation of enzymes important to metabolizing fats and amino acids for energy production and contributes to DNA replication and transcription.

Make sure to tell your caregiver prior to having your blood drawn that you are taking Biotin (B7)

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