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Please don’t ever change your formula! I have been searching Amazon for a while looking for a non synthetic b complex and it’s been hard to find! At best I would find partially non synthetic and eventually I thought I would have to settle. That is, till I found these. Fits the bill and then some with the multi. Thank you!

In a world full of synthetics and fakery, I appreciate a company who actually sells Natural Real vitamins.

Thank you!
Amazon review by nctwinsmom

As far as I know, there are still only two b-complex supplements that are derived from food. I have tried both.
Garden of Life mykind B-Complex - 1 star - actually made me depressed which only happens when I take no B complex of any kind or quality.
Mountain Rescue Nutrients Multi-Nutrient - 5 stars - much better than any high potency or active B supplements I've tried. Their B-Complex is awesome, too, but why would I take it when I can get all those food minerals in the same two tablets at about the same price. This product pays for itself with the high food iron alone. I need to take a full daily serving size of two tablets.
Amazon review by Lund W

I took my first multi this morning and I’ve had energy all afternoon! Thanks for making a quality whole food vitamin!!
Chelsea R

Hi!! I just ordered on your website. You’re not going to believe this. I ordered this in Amazon 4 years ago lol. A few times! Then I didn’t see it anymore. I was using other products, none of which compared , truthfully
So I go on my Amazon account and search my orders from 4 years ago because I couldn’t remember the name of your company
And voila! I found it, found your website.
Excited to try these again.
Leah D

WOW! I've only been taking the product one month, but I sure like the idea of plant-based vitamins. I've had much more energy since switching off several NON-plant-based vitamins (and I'm usually one who can't tell much difference...so this is a huge endorsement of plant-based vitamins).
Judith F.

"I am very sensitive to vitamins and they usually make me burp. The MRN B Complex Multi does not make me burp at all. I love them!"
Crystal L.

"I love your B Complex Multi! It is the only one i've tried that does not upset my tummy. I'm not sure why but I LOVE them and how they make me feel!"
Anne N.

I teach kids all winter long and I started taking MRN B Complex Multi last fall. Last winter was the first winter in a long time that I was not sick!!
Colin M.

I have been taking MRN B Complex Multi for the last 3 months. I have noted a marked improvement in my skin and have not had any blemishes for the last 6 weeks
Cindy G

Thank you! Best, cleanest b-complex on the market. God bless.
Karen J