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I contracted the original Covid-19 in March 2021. My symptoms were a light cold but I did lose my sense of smell and taste, which had never happened before. My smell and taste returned within 3 days. Tests were not readily available at the time so did not test. Prior to a vacation in May 2021 I had blood drawn for an antibody test that was positive confirming that I had had Covid-19 and that I was now protected by natural immunity.

I am a 65 year old, did not get vaccinated because of previous infection but I do maintain a very healthy life style. I almost always eat non-processed organic foods including plenty of fruits and vegetables, take Mountain Rescue Nutrients C Complex Multi which is an organic plant-sourced multi vitamin and mineral, 12.5 mg of iodine/iodide and 100mg CoQ10 daily, exercise at least 4 days a week, skiing/hiking in the winter hiking in the summer. I am a firm believer in natural immunity and maintaining a strong immune system. Prior to contracting Covid-19 in March of 2021 I had not been sick, with even a cold, for 5 years. My natural immunity might not have kept me from getting Covid a second time but I believe it did keep me from getting seriously ill.

If I had not gotten Covid-19 in March of 2021 I would have seriously considered getting vaxed. I am so glad I did not have to make that decision. I am not suggesting in any way for anyone not to get the vaccine but instead talk with your doctor and make an informed decision. There is a great deal of information out there, it’s not all fake like many want you to think. If a study has been peer reviewed, published by a credible university, hospital or by a foreign government, you can count on it with high level of certainty. One exception would be if that foreign government is China, I would not trust anything that comes from that government, I believe they have been lying and withholding information since the beginning.

This is not a scientific study but just anecdotal evidence that could be strong evidence of natural immunity. At the end of each day’s rundown I give my opinion on how my immune system is reacting to the infection, in very general terms. Our immune system is a very complicated amazing mechanism to rid us of pathogens. Please go here (https://www.mrnutrients.com/category-s/141.htm) to get an explanation of the parts of the immune system that are mentioned below.

In January 2022 this happened:

Day 1- developed a cough in the evening, nose/head congestion later that night, cough during sleep. I upped my intake of multi vitamin by 1.5 x normal by taking 1 more tablet before bed.

Immune Response: The innate immune system kicks in with coughing, mucus build-up to try to clear the virus. Macrophage has started to find and engulf infected cells. Cytokines stimulate Natural Killer Cells to join the fight to attack the infected cells. The Innate Immune System might be getting overwhelmed and so the Dendritic Cells are off to find the specific T cells that have the memory of my first infection. The T Cells come to the aid of the NK Cells helping to destroy infected cells and also summon B cells to start binding to the antigens while a portion differentiate into plasma cells and start mass producing antibodies.

Day 2- Tested positive late morning. Took my increased intake of 2 tablets of Multi in the morning and 1 at night, Iodine/iodide and CoQ10. Nose congestion cleared during the day, head congestion persisted. Slight cough during sleep. Energy level down a little in the morning, I think it’s because of restless sleep. Energy level came up during the day.

Immune Response: The Innate and Adaptive systems are starting to get control of the viral invader. T Cells are mopping up by engulfing infected cells while the antibodies are controlling the spread by neutralizing the antigens of the virus.

Day 3- Energy level strong got outside for a walk, fresh air and sun, same regiment of supplements. Slight cough in the evening, head congestion lightened. Light coughing but no nose congestion during sleep, was able to get solid sleep.

Immune Response: Continues to clear the virus, antibody level is building to stop the spread.

Day 4- feeling good went skiing to get fresh air and sun, of course maintained 6 feet of distance from all persons, did not ride chair lifts with anyone and kept mask on at all times. My energy level was strong but didn’t push it. No congestion or cough during the day or during sleep

Immune response: antibodies have neutralized the virus, infected cells are still being cleared

Day 5- Tested positive (positive line was very faint) first thing but no symptoms this morning or throughout the day and evening.

Immune response: Clean up continues.

Day 6- Tested negative, going skiing, energy level is strong

I wish our government would have taken natural immunity seriously with covid-19 and studied it so we would have a more comprehensive understanding of it’s effects on Covid-19. Natural immunity has always been with us and the original vaccines for other diseases utilized our natural immunity to protect us. The vaccine this time was totally new, it manipulates our immune system, big difference!

I’m afraid that there is a perception that if you get the vaccine that it’s a cure all and there is no need to maintain a strong immune system by a healthy eating, exercise and rest regiments to keep it at full strength. If you do not keep your immune system strong no vaccine or natural immunity will protect you.

Please, if you are unable to feed yourself properly to maintain your immune system supplement with Mountain Rescue Nutrients or some other reliable plant based non synthetic multiple so your body has the essential nutrients needed.

These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your caregiver prior to taking supplements.

Cheers to staying healthy!

Steve (Oly) Olson

Managing Member

Mountain Rescue Nutrients

Certified Nutrition Coach


I am only posting the link to this article on Parler, I have very strong suspicions that my information distribution on social media has been reduced by the powers in charge. Since writing a piece on the immune system and how it can protect you from Covid-19 and questioning why the government has not explored every therapeutic available, the traffic to our vitamin company website has dropped dramatically. Maybe a conspiracy theory but traffic was pretty consistent for the last 7 years until the piece was published on our website and links published on FB & Twit.