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Vail Veterans Program

Back in 2004 an energetic, caring person, Cheryl Jenson started a program for our worthy veterans that brings them to Vail to get acquainted or re-acquainted with the great outdoors. In doing so she has awakened so many of her guest's spirit to what was and what can be again, a renewed love of the adventures of the great outdoors! Overcoming physical barriers and the barriers that the mind can put up can rejuvenate and ignite a new passion for life, family and self.

I am so lucky as are many people that are able to live in the mountains and to understand the energy that can be drawn from what is around us. The majestic surroundings, fresh air and the multitude of activities that are presented to us every day can never be taken for granted. The healing powers of mountain life is something that is hard to explain and it is so wonderful that Cheryl realized the great powers that could be introduced to our worthy warriors on their arduous journey of recovery.

The Vail Veterans Program has put together a group of professionals that address every aspect of recovery including winter and summer rehabilitative sports/activities, caregiver programs and family support programs. "There is a freedom in the mountains that can't be found anywhere else. It invites us to abandon everyday boundaries and reconnect with our self-confidence and inner strength--and it's the basis for everything we do

I can only imagine the inner strength that can blossom inside these heros knowing that THEY CAN DO IT! Self confidence, knowing you don't have to be excluded from activities and fun, building back family togetherness and lightheartedness, showing your family YOU STILL HAVE IT are just a few things that these veterans can gain from this wonderful program.

Please go to our website home page, scroll down to watch a video about Vail Veterans Program, it will touch your heart! Just click here to go to our homepage.

Until April 17th, 2022 Mountain Rescue Nutrients will donate $10 for every bottle of our C Complex Multi sold. The cost to bring a family to Vail for this event is $10,000. Please help get as close as we can to bringing a family here for this summer's program.

Protecting and keeping your immune system strong is so important always! Our C Complex Multi is an organic plant sourced multiple vitamin. Please support the Vail Veterans Program and support your immune system at the same time. Thank you

Steve (Oly) Olson, Founder/Managing Member Mountain Rescue Nutrients