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A (Carotene)
- supports immune system, reproduction, vision, cell communication and organ maintenance
B1 (Thiamine)- Support Brain, Nervous system, cell creation, breaks down carbohydrates to glucose for energy
B2 (Riboflavin)-
Breaks down carbs, fats, protein for conversion to energy. Supports function of B-3 and B-6. Supports mucous membranes and red blood cell production
B3 (Niacin)-
Is believed to help cholesterol, blood glucose levels, red blood cell formation, brain & nerve function. Involved in breaking down carbs, fats and protein. Supports digestive system.
B5 (Pantothenate)-
supports liver function, creation of co-enzymes which help with normal physiological function, converts nutrients to energy.
B6 (Pyridoxine)-
supports immune system, red blood cell strength, nerve communications, production of hormones that control mood and stress.
B7 (Biotin)-
Believed to support healthy hair and nails, helps metabolize fats, amino acids and adrenal function. Required for metabolizing fats and amino acids
B9 (Folate)-
supports cell division, DNA and RNA formation, muscle strength and carbs converted to energy
B12 (Cobalamin)-
Supports DNA and RNA production as well as the important nerve protective sheath, Myelin. Supports red blood cells in the transportation of oxygen and nutrients.
supports collagen production for skin, immune system and antioxidant activity
supports bone structure, immune system, cell growth and apoptosis (natural cell death cycle)
antioxidant effect against free radicals to protect cells. Supports immune and metabolic function
supports blood coagulation & blood vessel flexibility
supports vascular, muscular & nerve systems
supports insulin’s actions
supports thyroid function & apoptosis (natural death cycle of cells). When apoptosis does not occur is when cells can become mulignant
supports oxygen transportation, cell function
Magnesium- supports enzyme functions, blood pressure, bone structure
supports enzymes that break down sulfites
supports enzymes that help break down carbs, amino acids and cholesterol
supports antioxidant protection & normal thyroid function. It plays an important role in regulating immune response, found to be important because of the over reaction that has occured with Covid 19
supports wound healing, immune system, DNA production and normal cell division
supports lower blood pressure, muscle function & normal kidney function
supports red blood cell production, bone strength, hair, skin, nails & tendons
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