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Key to any supplement is how it is absorbed and utilized. We think maximum absorption and utilization happens when your body recognizes the nutrient/vitamin. With naturally occurring nutrients/vitamins, as in our Organic Multi vitamins each vitamin is accompanied with its full matrix of co-factors that are found in nature. Our vitamins include all of these co-factors found in nature's plants, Phytonutrients (polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids, tocotrienols) and myconutrients found in mushrooms. Over 10,000 phytonutrients and myconutrients have been discovered in plants so far and It has been determined that these co-factors present their own benefits to your health as well. Here is a short list of just a few functions they support:
- they support the lowering of inflation in the body
- they are antioxidants that remove free radicals from the body
- help break down fats and prevent them from being stored
- promote good stomach microbiome

We believe that our naturally occurring vitamins not only make it into the blood plasma (the liquid in your blood other than the blood cells) but also they pass the cell barrier. All of our cells have a very specific mechanism that transports nutrients through the cell membrane. If the nutrient molecule does not match the receptor on the cell membrane it will not be allowed into the cell. Synthetic vitamins may have the same atoms in their molecule but the structure is different and cell receptors do not recognise and do not allow entry making synthetic vitamins useless.

Mountain Rescue Nutrients supply more nutrients than just vitamins and minerals. In nature a "vitamin" isn't a single molecule (as is with synthetics) but a family of molecules. Dr. Royal Lee "The Einstein of Nutrition" realized the importance of natural vitamins in the early 1900s and understood the reason that synthetics were
bad when they first appeared. "How can a single factor be isolated from a complex...and be justifiably sold with the claim that it is equal?" said Dr. Lee comparing synthetic vitamins to natural ones.

When you ingest our Multi Vitamins we think they are recognized by your body as food and the nutrients are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and then into your cells.

With synthetic vitamins your body treats it as a chemical and expels it. When synthetic vitamins are made the producer has no control of the molecule's shape. The synthetic molecule might have the same atoms but the shape can be different making it unrecognizable to your body. While some of it might be absorbed your body must then draw on it's own store of the co-factors to combine with the synthetic isolated vitamin to make it useable, so the effect is an overall depletion of nutrients.

Don't be fooled 98% of the vitamins out there are synthetic. The vast majority of the synthetic vitamins are made by the same pharmaceutical companies and just distributed to marketing companies that slap their own label on it. So it comes down to choosing between nutritionally void synthetic or naturally occurring plant-based vitamins. A company like Mountain Rescue Nutrients are proud of producing naturally occurring, non synthetic vitamins and minerals and will make it apparent on the label. If the label doesn't say non synthetic then you can be pretty sure they are synthetic.

Don't risk your Health to the Uncertainty of Synthetic Vitamins