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What are non-synthetic vitamins? What are naturally occurring vitamins?
Our organically grown plants contain vitamins and minerals naturally. We concentrate the vitamins and minerals with a warm water bath. Unlike synthetics, our naturally occurring vitamins include the natural co-factors such as enzymes, phytonutrients including polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids, tocotrienols and myconutrients (found in mushrooms). These co-factors have been determined to have their own benefits, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and many added healthy effects on top of the vitamins and minerals benefits.
In nature a "vitamin" isn't a single molecule but rather a part of a family of health beneficial molecules.
"How can a single factor be isolated from a complex (as with synthetic vitamins) and be justifiably sold with the claim that it is equal?"
-Dr. Royal Lee, "The Einstein of Nutrition"
98% of vitamins on store shelves are Synthetic vitamins, produced in a lab with no help from nature. They do not include any of the naturally occurring co-factors found in nature. We believe that they can actually be a detriment to your health

Why does my pee turn bright yellow after taking your vitamins?
Our Multi vitamins and minerals contain a high concentration of Riboflavin (B2) naturally from the plants we use. Riboflavin is what causes your urine to turn bright yellow. Riboflavin is in many of the foods you eat in the course of a day and so your body may not need all the riboflavin that is in our vitamins and thus it excretes the excess through your urine

Why do you use Tablets?
We have not found a capsule that is acceptable to our standards. Too many bad ingredients in them. With tablets we are able to concentrate our raw plant ingredients by using high compression without using chemical binders or coatings. You are able to get our recommended serving in 2 tablets compared to capsules that would take 4 to 8 a day.

What is Amla?
Amla is a berry that has a high content of vitamin C 20x that of an orange loaded with free-radical fighting polyphenols, tannins, and antioxidants. The Amla berry that we use is grown in India on a USDA certified farm. We have blended more of the Amla extract into our C Complex Multi to give a supportive boost to your immune system.

Why do you think your vitamins absorb better?
Because our vitamins are naturally occurring from plants, same as found in nature, we believe that our vitamins are recognized by the body because they are accompanied by the natural co-factors and they are absorbed all the way to the cellular level. You will see in many vitamin ads, of our competitors, they say that their vitamins make it to the plasma. The plasma is the liquid in your blood that is everything besides the blood cells. If the nutrients only make it to the plasma they don't do their job. For vitamins to make it to the cellular level they must match the specific transport mechanism that allows the vitamin to pass through the cell's membrane. In most cases synthetic vitamins molecular structure does not match that of plant sourced vitamins and will not make it through the membrane of cells. The body then excretes them as if it was a chemical toxin as we think synthetic vitamins are.

How do I know if vitamins are synthetic?
Companies that produce synthetic free vitamins are very proud of it. It will say on the label in plain sight that they are synthetic free or non-synthetic. If it does not say that, they are synthetic! Synthetic vitamins are very cheap to make and are usually made in China, on the other hand naturally occurring vitamins (non-synthetic) are costly to make and the producer will let you know. We think that it is worth the cost and we hope you do too.

How and when should I take the MRN Multi vitamins?
You can take them any time, with a meal that contains some healthy fat is best, it helps the fat soluble vitamins be absorbed. We suggest to take 2 a day. 1 at a time, 2 at a time. If you like you can take 1 at breakfast and 1 at dinner or both in the morning or night. Because we do not use a slick chemical binder on our tablet it starts to break down as soon as you put it in your mouth so take with plenty of water. You can throw the tablets in a smoothie or in with your Bullet drink. You can crush them up and sprinkle on your food. If the taste is not offensive to you it's ok to chew the tablets. Don't put them in a hot drink because heat above 110 degrees could damage or destroy the nutrients and it's co-factors.

Do I need to take B Complex Multi or C Complex Multi every day?
No not necessarily. B vitamins are water soluble vitamins which means that your body does not store them. Because your body does not store them you need to ingest B vitamins every day through your diet or with our supplement. That is why they are part of the essential vitamin group. If you have a day that you are able to eat healthy at every meal including lots of dark leafy greens you shouldn't have to take MRN B Complex Multi. It's always a good idea to take Bs when you have tipped back a few alcoholic drinks because it has been shown that alcohol depletes your B vitamins. It has also been shown that B vitamins can become depleted in stressful situations so load up when you see one coming on! Our C Complex Multi has the full array of vitamins and minerals as the B Complex Multi but has more of the Amla Berry concentrate to increase the vitamin C content

How do I know when I need B vitamins?
It's a good idea to take B Complex Multi when you are partying (alcohol) or are under stress. Some signs in some people are hangnails or cracks in the corners of the mouth. I have heard from some that hemorrhoids might be a sign. Another sign could be low energy and/or low mental focus. There is a good "Signs of Deficiencies" table if you scroll down at this site

Why are the mg values low on your Multi Vitamins?

With Naturally Occurring vitamins the potencies come from the plants that we use. Your body is able to recognize these nutrients because they come as a full matrix with all of their natural co-factors as in organic unprocessed foods. Because of this your body is much more efficient in utilizing the nutrients. You can be assured that when you see high mg doses on the label you are taking synthetic vitamins! Don't do it!!

Do your products include any ingredients from China?
NO, we do not use any ingredients from China. Our USDA organic certified ingredients come from India and the USA. China is the major source for synthetic vitamins. You might have noticed that during the Corona virus that the vitamin shelves in your local markets were empty, that shows you that most of the products in your chain stores are synthetic and made in China.

We will be adding more to FAQ as they come in. If you have a question please email us at [email protected]