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What is going on? Why do the “Authorities” Ignore Natural Immunity and Therapeutics?

With all the reports out there it’s very hard to find one that promotes the natural immunity a person gets when they have had covid-19. Why suppress information about the amazing work that our immune system performs after being exposed to any pathogen (i.e. Covid-19)? Why be scientifically ignorant to therapeutics that work?

Natural Immunity Protection

The latest information coming out of Israel (1) is showing that natural immunity, from previously Covid-19 infected people, is more robust and is protecting these individuals better than those given the vaccine. Israelnationalnews.com reported on July 13, 2021 that out of 7,700 new infections reported since May, 2021 that 69% of those were in people that had not had Covid-19 and were not vaccinated. 39% of the infections were in people that had been fully vaccinated and just a mere 1% occurred in people that were unvaccinated but had had the Covid-19 infection before (natural immunity). That is pretty strong indication that natural immunity is powerful and protecting people from re-infection. Studies out of the UK and multiple other countries mirrored the Israel study and recent natural immunity data is trending the same direction. (8)

Our immune system’s memory is behind this protection (2,5,6) and it’s ability to recognize multiple parts of the Covid-19 virus is giving natural immunity the edge over the vaccine that is directed at only one part, the spike protein (2,9).

Many talk that antibodies from Covid-19 infection go away after a few months but in this study (6) it shows that yes they decline but then maintain a lower level for quick response to re-infection.

Does Natural Immunity Last

This study (7) builds a case that the natural immunity is long lasting with coronavirus. The study showed that the immune system’s memory T cells were still with those people who had recovered from the 2003 outbreak of SARS (SARS-CoV), a close relative to SARS-CoV2, 17 years later. This is good news for the durability of the immune system to a virus in the same coronavirus family as the SARS-CoV2 that causes Covid-19. Good probability that the protective memory T cells from Covid-19 will stay with us for years, as did the SARS’ T cells.

Public Health’s Real Disaster, Loss of Credibility!

Full disclosure of risks and benefits alike must be given to us. The loss of public trust in our public health officials could have extreme detrimental effects going forward.

Back when I took my kids in for their childhood vaccinations, there was a choice of a live-virus type vaccination or a dead-virus type vaccination. The nurse would explain the risk of the live virus vaccination, say a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of causing the virus in my child or 0 chance using the dead vaccine. I would always, always opt for the ZERO chance of my child getting the virus from the vaccination.

The difference today, and this vaccine, is we are getting very little explanation and information of the possible bad side effects. Most bad news about the vaccine is suppressed so we are not given the choice. That is scary, it is a “just shut up and take the jab” attitude. On top of that our confidence in public health officials is being irreparably damaged because of their poor decision not to recognize natural immunity and the protection it gives someone that has been infected with Covid-19. Now that we are seeing that the vaccine is losing some of it’s protection, what are we to think? What is shameful is that the government agencies are not collecting data on all aspects of the vaccine, good and bad, making it hard to make adjustments to the vaccine in future batches.(16) They have decided to only track people that test positive that are hospitalized. They are blowing off all the information they could gain with just a few questions of all people that test positive whether hospitalized or not.

Public health has also taken a big hit to their credibility because of their negligence in the lack of studies, over the last year, whether or not masks work, if they could actually cause harm and ignoring all of the positive studies (10,11,12) that are concluding that Ivermectin and other therapeutics are reducing hospitalizations and deaths.

Why be Scientifically Ignorant?

Public health authorities should be studying all treatments to fight Covid especially now that not all people have been fully vaccinated and those that have are getting re-infected! The FDA has turned a blind eye to all of the evidence(14), 63 Studies of which 44 are peer-reviewed, 31 randomized controlled trials, 613 scientists and 26,398 patients, that say Ivermectin is working to fight Covid-19. It has been discovered to have “highly potent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties against Covid-19.”(14) It is not just an anti-parasitic as the media wants you to believe.

Do the large pharmaceutical companies really have that much control over the FDA, mainstream media and our representatives in government? Are they prioritizing profits over the health of this world? Who is being paid off to continue the BS? Is the mainstream media going to take responsibility for the lives that could have been saved with Ivermectin because of their propaganda to continue a narrative? Doubtful!! Ivermectin has been used for decades to treat humans, it is safe! 3.7 billion doses of Ivermectin have been given to humans over 4 decades. Wake up and do your homework news media! I stand with Matt Walsh and Michael Capuzzo, true journalists that do their homework to get to the truth and are not afraid to stand up against tech giants and the mainstream media. They have brought to light the great work of Dr. Marik that has been ignored. (13)

Don’t be Lazy, Keep Yourself Healthy

Are people counting on the vaccine or natural immunity to keep them healthy and safe? Let me be clear, whether you have had the vaccine or have natural immunity (had Covid) it’s only as good as the strength of your immune system. If people aren’t taking care of themselves, keeping their immune system strong through eating right (15), exercising or supplementing when necessary, then no shot or natural immunity will keep them safe from the threat of Covid-19 and its multitude of variants.

I invite any comments, if you are presenting an argument come prepared with documentation to back it up!

Cheers, stay healthy!


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